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Preparing for Home Open

4 Tips To Prepare For A Home Open


You’ve made the big decision. You’re selling your home, dosage you’ve chosen your sales strategy or you’ve chosen a property expert to help you determine the best strategy to find the right buyer. No matter what avenue you’re taking to sell your home, viagra 40mg whether it’s through a traditional real estate agent listing, an auction or a private sale, an important element common to all sales methods is opening your home for inspection to prospective buyers. Preparing your property for market is completely different from setting up the same property as your home, so we’ve put together a list of tips to help you maximize your chance of securing the highest sale price. This will enable you to create the best first impression through photography that really showcases the property’s features and most importantly, will back up that initial promise with a complete property presentation that will quickly motivate the right buyer to put the best offer on the table.


You need to change your thinking. Your property has become your home, but in a market context, it needs to become an attractive proposition for potential buyers, so it’s important to understand the demographic your property could attract. Your circumstances may have changed since you bought the property, so start by remembering what attracted you in the first place. If you now have a growing family, is it actually a property that suits a young couple? If so, perhaps it would be best to present it as an ideal home for a pair of professionals rather than a small family home that lacks space – the very reason you’re selling. Is the proximity to certain industries or the city centre going to influence the type of buyer? Are you downsizing from a large home on a big block? What sort of buyer will that attract in a contemporary market? Have you owned the property for decades and has the area changed around you? Potential subdivision or complete development could influence the way you present the property to market. As you can see, it’s not just about making the most of the property itself, but also using the potential of the area to your advantage. Right, you’ve determined your target demographic, what’s next?


You might not be selling a brand new property, but an existing home can still be refreshed ahead of a sale. This purchase could represent the biggest investment a buyer could make in their lifetime, so by presenting the home in the best way possible, the notion of the property offering value for money could be a deal maker. Unless the market demand is there or your asking price is low, no one wants to outlay list price on a property purchase that is already in need of repair. Also, as a vendor, you want to be in a strong buy clonazepam in uk position at the negotiating table and any obvious repairs or tasks that a new owner will need to attend to straight away will be used as leverage to make an offer below asking price or subject to the repair being completed anyway.

Once basic repairs are covered, you need to consider how your home will be perceived by buyers as objectively as you can. Get a second opinion from an agent if you need to. While the property may be decades old, there is a difference between a classical outlook versus tired and dated. However, while you are aiming to present the property as best as possible, be careful not to overcapitalize. You risk not getting the return on investment when you sell. Rather than a full renovation, there are some cost effective and relatively straightforward measures that can refresh and even transform the property to give it a more contemporary outlook:

  • Updating handles on doors and cabinetry.
  • Replacing old lighting fixtures.
  • Installing new window coverings.
  • Trimming your lawn, trees and shrubbery.
  • Mulching your garden beds.
  • Replacing your mailbox.
  • Repainting cabinetry, walls and doors in neutral colour schemes.


Neutral colour schemes are not just about updating the look of the property. This is also about creating a blank canvas that potential buyers can easily imagine living in. While an existing home is clearly not brand new, rather than simply displaying the way you live, as a vendor you should be aiming to create a showroom-like atmosphere that is ready for the personal touch of a new owner. For home opens, put away your own personal items such as photos and framed tertiary certificates.

Along with depersonalising the home, decluttering is great way to create space. If you have had a tendency to accumulate items and have filled your home, seriously consider storing some of them to create extra floor and surface space. Perhaps putting away some of that occasional furniture, or those trinkets on display could really free up some space and highlight the functionality of each room.


Perhaps putting together a combination of furniture and decor that complement each other simply isn’t one of your strong points, or maybe your home’s ageing interior design is out of step with what’s current. Either way, this could actually detract from the features of the home.

‘Staging’ your way to decorating success is a clever strategy. If you have a good eye for what works in the space, you can hire furniture to that will showcase your home more favourably than your own. If you’re not confident that your decorating instincts are on the money, engaging the services of an interior design consultant to assist with the selection of hired furniture and decorator items is a growing trend in the residential real estate industry.

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